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Product: Cambridge DTT3500 - Desktop Theater

Price: $ 269.50

Item Number: SP227

  • High-end speaker system with Dolby® Digital 5.1 technology for movies and games for use with a Sony® Playstation 2™ console, set-top DVD player or PC
  • Experience precise digital audio through the six-channel DIGITAL DIN connection when used with Sound Blaster® Live!™ 5.1 series
  • Wireless remote for easy entertainment selection and volume control
  • Features

  • High-end speaker system with Dolby Digital® Digital 5.1 technology for movies and games
  • Multiple input for simultaneous connection for various devices including the PlayStation 2™ console, PC-DVD™, Set-top DVD Player, MD, CD and MP3 players
  • Dolby Digital decoder amplifier and high quality 24-bit Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) to produce engulfing surround sound
  • Built-in decoder with auto detection of Dolby Digital signal input via Optical or Coaxial connections
  • Wireless remotes for easy selection of different modes and volume control
  • Optical cable provided for instant connectivity to a PlayStation 2 console or other devices
  • Creative Multi Speaker Surround™ (CMSS)™ up-mixes stereo sources to 5.1 surround output
  • Additional faceplate for Dolby Digital decoder amplifier allows for vertical placement
  • The high-end DeskTop Theatre™ 5.1 DTT3500 Digital is a powerful Dolby Digital home theatre speaker solution for use with either a Sony® PlayStation 2™ console, set-top DVD player or a PC. The included Dolby Digital decoder amplifier enables you to enjoy home theatre audio, eliminating the need for a separate receiver.

    The exquisite design of the Desktop Theatre 5.1 DTT3500 Digital creates an attractive home theatre environment. 


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