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Avalon Micro is owned and operated by James Bryant in Kissimmee, Florida, near Walt Disney World in Orlando.

James has always had a love for the computer. In the summer of 1986, he purchased his first personal computer. At it's heart was a Z80 processor running at 4.77 megahertz, 256k of memory, a monochrome monitor, no hard drive, no sound, no modem, and no mouse. The floppy drive was a single sided, single density drive, which meant he had access to 173k of data at a time. Because the drive had only one read head, if he wanted to access the other side of the floppy disk, he had to pull out the floppy disk, turn it over and put it back in. The machine ran on the CPM operating system (a predecessor to DOS). Because of a lack of programs available at the time, it was on this machine that James first began to code his own programs. 

It was a combination of curiosity and necessity that led James to "open the cover to see what was there". He was able to add a second floppy drive (a double sided, double density drive) and double the memory to 512k.

The next computer, purchased in 1989, was an 80286-based machine running at 16 megahertz, with 2 megabytes of memory, and a 67-megabyte hard drive. What a step up. This machine, even though it still didn't have sound or a modem, had a color VGA monitor and a mouse. James inspected every component in this machine to see how they were interconnected. He bought books and computer magazines every month and learned all about the PC.

Soon friends and coworkers started asking him questions about computers. He became the resident expert on what hardware and software to buy and would even direct them to where they could buy the items they wanted. He began to fix and upgrade his friend's computers and soon word got around to their friends and neighbors and James was in business.

Entering college James graduated with a two year degree in computer science technology. Serving as a teacher's aide during his training, James furthered his career with Microsoft training and holds a continuing educational certificate. His ongoing studies with computer science allows him to continue to explore new advancements in computer science technology. Adding his web design skills and trouble shooting, James has honed in on a multitude of techniques as a technical expert in his field.

Avalon Micro was originally named Bryant Program Development in 1992 and was in the business of developing DOS and Windows based software. Some of the earlier software included a DOS based Street program that fire departments, sales people, or delivery companies could use to index, sort, and list the streets in a given area. Another was a Windows based Nitrox Dive Planner application which could help scuba divers, trained in the use of Nitrox air mixtures, plan their dives. The program would allow the diver to input the desired Nitrox percentage and planned depth, and the program would calculate the amount of oxygen needed for the mix in the scuba tank and the bottom time allowed without decompression based on the mix and planned bottom time.

James never lost his love for hardware and eventually began selling more hardware than custom software.

Today, Avalon Micro builds custom computer systems with the latest Pentium class processors and sells over 29,000 computer hardware and software products. Let us help you with all your computer needs.




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