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Product: AMD Duron 1100Mhz CPU (Socket A) OEM

Price: $ 66.08

Item Number: CP121

Specifications: The AMD Duron™ processor offers desktop computer system buyers a new way of looking at value-based processing solutions. The latest workhorse in AMD's processor portfolio, the AMD Duron processor enables a PC solution optimized for value-conscious business and home users. Specifically, its forward-thinking design provides the capability and flexibility necessary to meet current and future computing needs. In this respect, systems based on the AMD Duron processor offer a level of purchasing confidence rarely enjoyed by those in the market for an affordable yet competent desktop computer system.

  • High-Speed System Bus: The AMD Duron processor features a 200MHz front side system bus, offering three times more available bus bandwidth than that of Intel's Celeron processor (66MHz). This high-speed system bus delivers superior performance on data-rich applications, such as MP3 players and rippers, softDVD players, and video-editing packages. Moreover, it has the headroom to support high-bandwidth peripherals-as well as other emerging technologies-without a performance penalty.


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