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Product: Sound Blaster Live Value PCI

Price: $ 39.60

Item Number: SC107

Specifications: Listen to game and music content come alive using the analog four-speaker output - even if your sound source doesn't support 3D sound! The Sound Blaster Live! Value utilizes the same EMU10K1 audio processor as the Sound Blaster Live!, the most powerful audio chip available today. This translates into higher frame rates in your games, more bandwidth for 3D audio and an all around fantastic sounding audio experience.

For music playback, the EMU10K1 includes a powerful SoundFont® based synthesis engine with an astounding 512-voices of wave-table sound and has access to up to 48 MIDI channels simultaneously. User selectable sample banks let you choose the quality level you want. Replace instruments and add new ones. Each instrument sounds just like its real life counterpart. Creative's patented technology provides near-perfect Sound Blaster emulation. This means that it works with the existing base of MS-DOS® and Windows® titles at up to Sound Blaster 16 functionality. Then add realtime Environmental effects to a title, even if it doesn't support 3D audio.

If you are into gaming or just want great audio, check out the Sound Blaster Live! Value. 


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