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CD-R & DVD Multimedia Kits

 CDR / DVDR Pioneer IDE
 CDR-W / DVD Samsung 8x4x32/8x
 CDR-W Acer 24x10x40x IDE (Retail Kit)
 CDR-W Artec 20x10x40x IDE (Retail Kit)
 CDR-W Benq 40x12x48
 CDR-W CIS Superlink 40x12x48
 CDR-W Goldstar 32x10x40x IDE (Retail Kit)
 CDR-W LiteOn 32x12x40x IDE (Retail Kit)
 CDR-W Mitsumi 32x12x40x IDE (OEM Kit)
 CDR-W Plextor 24x10x40
 CDR-W Plextor 40x12x40
 CDR-W Plextor 48x24x48
 CDR-W Plextor W2410A 24x10x40x IDE (Retail Kit)
 CDR-W Samsung 24x10x40x IDE (Retail Kit)
 CDR-W Sony 48x12x48
 CDR-W Yamaha SCSI 16x10x40
 DVD BTC/LiteOn 16x IDE (Retail Kit)
 DVD Pioneer 106S 16x IDE
 DVD Pioneer 16x
 DVD Sony 16X
 DVD Toshiba 16x IDE (OEM Kit)
 DVDR / CDR Pioneer
 DVDR Panasonic LFD-201U Ram Burner SCSI
 DVDR Que Ram Burner IDE

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