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Welcome to the "Ask the PC Doc" Archive! Below you will find links to answers that we have posted in response to questions submitted by visitors to our site.

My computer makes a continuos 'whirring' noise when i switch it on, and it carries on the whole time i am on the PC. It doesnt appear to be doing anything, and there is nothing wrong with how it all runs and works. Any ideas how i can stop it?

My PC boot up is so slow. Is there any way of speeding it up?

Please could you explain what I need to do to fit a slave drive to my PC. I have an Athlon 1800+ with an 80Gb Master and I want to fit a 40Gb slave.

I have AMD Athlon 1Ghz Thunderbird and if my computer sits for 10 minutes without use it locks up and will not shut down. I have been told that I might need more fans because my processor is too hot. what tempature should my processor run at and what fans do you recommend

I've got a 10-month old Athlon based system with Windows98 SE. I'm about to fit a CD-RW IDE drive. My current config is:
IDE1 master = Hard drive - IDE1 slave = Free
IDE2 master = DVD-ROM - IDE2 slave = ZIP drive
I don't want the ZIP drive anymore, so my new config will be:
IDE1 master = Hard drive - IDE1 slave = Free
IDE2 master = CD-RW - IDE2 slave = DVD-ROM (as recommended by CD-RW supplier)
My question is; if I just go ahead and re-cable as above, will the BIOS/OS sort everything out, i.e. realize the DVD-ROM has moved and the ZIP drive gone? Or do I need to do anything else (apart from installing the CD burning s/w afterwards)? Thanks

I was thinking about buying a used Epson scanner. I think it uses SCSI. Do I need to buy a SCSI adapter for it?

I was looking for a software DVD ROM Drive but I can't seem to find one anywhere. Why not?

What are the hardware requirements for a voice modem and what would I need the voice for?

My IBM owner's manual describes a "television card" but I don't think it came with the model I have. How can I find out whether I already have a television card?

I've noticed that some printers and scanners have USB. What is it? Can I use it?

What is this AGP video slot on the new motherboards? When I upgrade, do I have to use it or can I use my current PCI video card?



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