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I was thinking about buying a used Epson scanner. I think it uses SCSI. Do I need to buy a SCSI adapter for it?

Many SCSI scanners come with a SCSI controller card. If yours doesn't and you don't already have SCSI, you will have to purchase one. They come in ISA, VLB, and PCI versions. If you have a PCI slot available, use the PCI version. They're plug-and-play, the throughput is much higher, and you may need it for other devices in the future.

If you haven't purchased the scanner yet, consider one with the new USB conection. If your computer has USB support, a USB scanner makes installation much easer because it doesn't require an interface/controller card which can sometimes be problematic to install and doesn't use an expansion slot.

Best of all, a new USB scanner may very well cost less than buying that used scanner and then having to buy a SCSI adapter card to make it work.


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