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What are the hardware requirements for a voice modem and what would I need the voice for?

You need a free Com port, usually com1 or com2, but com3 and 4 may also be used. Windows 95 and above can easily install the support for the physical com ports in your system if not already installed. If you are installing a modem card, you also need a free ISA or PCI slot. Check your slots before you buy the components. If you prefer the external version, you just need access to the com port connection on the back on the computer.

Keep in mind that these ports can be accessed from an internal card or via the external connection. Insure that the port you choose is not already in use by another device. The voice abilities of the modem are accessed with software. Example: if you wanted the computer to answer the phone and prompt for a voice message and at the same time listen for an incoming fax, the voice modem and the communication software work together the accomplish the task.

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