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My IBM owner's manual describes a "television card" but I don't think it came with the model I have. How can I find out whether I already have a television card?

If you have a TV / Video card, you should see a connection to your cable TV or to a TV antenna. Now, when I say TV / Video card, I mean a TV card with a TV tuner as part of the card. These cards usually have a 125-channel cable-ready TV tuner. They work by digitizing live video from either the built-in 125-channel cable TV tuner or an external video-input source. The digitized video is sent into the memory of your VGA display adapter. This allows the digitized video to move efficiently, and takes a portion of the available bandwidth of the bus.

Don't confuse these cards with video cards that have TV-out or an S-Video connection. These may not be TV tuner cards. They allow for the video signal to be sent to a TV so you can use the TV as the viewing monitor.


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