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My computer makes a continuos 'whirring' noise when i switch it on, and it carries on the whole time i am on the PC. It doesnt appear to be doing anything, and there is nothing wrong with how it all runs and works. Any ideas how i can stop it?

It's probably a fan. Fans usually make noise when the bearings wear and the housing becomes loose. Now which fan or fans is it? You have a CPU fan, a power supply fan, and you may have a chipset fan and case fans. If you're not comfortable with doing the procedure below, or your PC is still under warrantee, have a qualified technician do the repair.

With the PC off, remove the case cover. Turn the PC on and look and listen to the fans. You should now be able to tell which fan is causing the trouble. Turn the PC off and disconnect the power, remove the bad fan and purchase a replacement. Install it the same way it came out (this usually involves a few small screws and a power connector). Reconnect the PC's power and check your work. If the offending noise is gone, shut down the PC once again, reattach the cover and you should be ready to go.


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