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Product: Rambus 128Mb 800Mhz

Price: $ 70.76

Item Number: ME245

Specifications: High Performance
  • 1.6GB per second of peak bandwidth
  • Multiple Channels can be used for even higher performance and bandwidth
  • An individual 800MHz RDRAM device offers over ten times the bandwidth than a 66MHz X 16 SDRAM device
  • A 64MB Rambus system has three times the effective bandwidth over a 64MB 64-bit wide 100MHz SDRAM system
  • Cost-competitive

  • Uses conventional DRAM core; the 64MB RDRAM is comparable in die size to a 16 X 64Mb* SDRAM
  • Low-cost industry-standard memory modules and connectors
  • Uses existing industry-standard FR04 printed circuit board technology
  • Low Power consumption

  • RDRAMs include low power modes that reduce overall power consumption
  • Rambus devices inherently use less energy per byte transferred
  • Configurations support six times the bandwidth of EDO DRAMs at comparable power consumption
  • Expandable/Granular

  • 32Mb*, 64Mb*, 128Mb*, 256Mb*, 512Mb*, 1Gb* generations of RDRAMs are functionally and electronically compatible
  • Memory can be incremented by a single RDRAM
  • A single Channel supports 32 RDRAMs; expansion buffers allow support of additional 32 RDRAMs; a controller can support multiple Channels; using 256Mb* devices and repeaters, memory can be extended to 64Gb
  • Due to rapid changes in the market, prices are subject to change without notice 


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